Friday, May 4, 2012

More Than You'll Ever KnoW

As I sit here infront of you, just staring at you, it made me realized, after all these years, nothing have changed. I l love you then, and I still love you now.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

US Trip 2011

It's been six months since the last time I posted here. So many things happened the past few month.I will try to remember those which are significant and write them here. For the meantime, I want to start by posting some of the pictures I took during my US visit last November. It was a memorable trip. I was able to visit three states in a span of three weeks. Three on three! My first stop was Hawaii, followed by California and finally New York. I hope you all enjoy these pics!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yesterday I received an e-mail from my headhunter. Few months ago, I was interviewed for a position in Aboitiz. I wasn't really expecting for a call back after that. During that interview I was asked what if they're offer is less than my asking price which should not be lower than PhP150,000, would I accept the job? I simply replied, anything less than than is unacceptable. So to get this notification that my application is on its final assessment is quite remarkable. Though, I'm still not expecting anything. Even if they give in to my demand, I'm still not 100% sold to the idea of accepting it for a lot of reasons. But the good thing about this, aside for my ego of course is first, I was able to assess my market value. It's important for every induvidual to know how much his worth so in times like these, one would avoid selling one's self short(I'm starting to sound like a prostitute here. =). Everyone of us is a saleman. In our day to day lives we continue to sell ourselves to everyone, to each and every individual we meet each day. When you court a girl, or make friends, you always put your best foot forward, much more when you offer your services to a company. And lastly, i was able to assess my capabilities and understand my strenghts and weaknessess. That's the great thing about going to job interviews (even if you're happy and satisfied with your current job). My style is, I would apply for a position higher than my current job. I'd go though the rigorous process of screening so I'd be able to assess what I have and don't have based on what they are looking for. After that, I go back to the drawing board and develop my developmental plan. I attend trainings and volunteer on job tasks. It allows me to learn and build on my competence and address identified weaknessess.

Now what are my main reasons for not accepting the job?

1. I'm not sure I'm ready to relocate. The facility is located in Bicol. Man, that's too far from where I live right now. But during the interview, they told me I could work for 3 weeks straight and have a 1 week off which of course I could spend back home in Manila.

2. I'm still quite happy and satisfied with my current job. Work pressure is not too much and I'm eyeing a promotion next year.

3. I was just given a share in a corporation by my bestfriend's family which they recently organized. They say, it's for "utang na loob" for the good things I've done for their family. How I helped and supported them during those time when they couldn't even pay their monthly rent. Just few months ago, out of nowhere, they received a call informing them that they inherited a 24 hectare land in Pampanga. It was said to belong to their grandmother. However, their grandmonther never told anyone about it when she died, luckily the court was able to find them as it wanted already to distribute such property to its legal heir. That case has been pending in court for half a century now. When we visitied the area, lo and behold, the said land is covered with aggregates (sand and gravel) due to the Pinatubo eruption when lahar covered parts of Pampanga. If some of you may not be aware, the Province of Pampanga makes hundreds of millions each year quarrying these areas. The property they inherited is untouched and never been quarried. I was appointed as Board of Director and Operations Manager and would get monthly allowances plus profit from my share of the corporation. Hopefully, in three weeks time, our quarry permit will be released so we can start operation immediately. I'll discuss this more in detail next time.

Anyway, it's Sunday here in Kusatsu. I had a great time yesterday visiting Kyoto and would probably go back later this afternoon. Need to take a bath now as I need to meet up some friends in awhile for Lunch.

PS. I wonder why I can't post comment? Anyway. lonewolf, I'll try that chocolate beer. You seems to know alot of Japan, have you been here before? Ill see if I'd be able to find time to visit Kanzawa. Thanks for the tip!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Japan, Japan

It's past 11pm now here in Kusatsu. I took a flight yesterday in Manila via Cathay Pacific at 6am and arrived in HongKong at around 8am. At 10am, I took a connecting flight and arrived in Osaka/Kansai at 2:30pm. I needed to take a train to come here in Kusatsu but when i got to the train station, the next scheduled trip was 4:15pm. The train ride took about an hour and a half so when i got here in the hotel it's past 6pm. So all in all, it was a 12 hour trip. I was supposed to take a direct flight via PAL but changed my booking due to the on-going problems they are facing right now. It was a long and tiring trip just getting here. However, my amazement on this beautiful country totally made up for it.

On my first day here in Japan, I visited our facility located in Moriyama. I'm quite tired now to describe everything I saw so I'll just post some pictures which I took using my phone. But over-all I was impressed how fully automated the facility is. It made me feel that our facility in the Philippines is neglected and is way behind in terms of technology considering we are of the same company. Anyway, I learned so much today and I plan to bring some of those learnings and try to implement it in our own facility.

Tomorrow is free day. I plan to spend the entire day in Kyoto, which happens to be one of my dream destination. I brought my camera with me together with my tripod and several lenses so I am hoping to capture some really good pictures.

Oh by the way, I think Japanese guys are the cutest in the world, seriously. Come here and you'll know why. Coincidentally, my first gay experience was with a half Japanese-half Pinoy way back in high school. I'm thinking of sending him a message via FB when I get back in Manila. Just Kidding! (or maybe not!) =)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Confession: Alvin

I was in a club at that time when suddenly, my friend Mark elbowed me I almost spilled the glass of vodka in my hand. He then pointed me to a direction across the dance floor, and there, stood this guy together with his friends. Mark told me he has been eyeing him for months now. I have to admit, the guy is very attractive. I am not so much into oriental looks, but this chinese mestizo guy seems to be an exception. He has this boyish looks that would surely catch everyone’s attention and a nice lean, muscular body to boot. It made wonder, if Mark has been eyeing this guy for months now, how could I have missed him? And while these thoughts played in my mind he caught me staring at him. I immediately looked away and pretended embarrassed. In a split second, I looked back at him and he was still looking at me. I flashed a hesitant smile and he reciprocated it with an encouraging one.

When I went to the bar to buy another drink suddenly someone crept from behind and stood beside me. “Hey”, he said. “I’m Alvin”. At that moment, I swear, my heart skipped a bit. A casual conversation ensued after the brief introduction. He was such a charmer. He’s a bit younger than I am but I was able to sense a level of maturity you rarely find from someone his age. As much as I wanted to spend the entire night with him, I excused myself conscious that my friends would already be looking for me. As I took a step away from him, he gently tapped my shoulder and asked, “Can I have your number?” to which I willingly obliged. Few hours later, Mark suggested that we all crash and continue our party at his place, to which everyone agreed. While I was driving on my way to his place, suddenly I received a text message. “Hey what’s up? Where are you?” It was Alvin. So I told him I left the bar already and on my way to my Mark’s place. “Hmm, would you want to go to my place instead?” He asked. At that moment, I wasn’t really quite sure what to do. “Is this going to be just another one night stand?” I asked myself. I was a bit disappointed yet I couldn’t let that opportunity pass. I called up Mark and told him “Hey my dad just called. He wants me to go home now. Something important came up”. I hanged up the phone and texted Alvin asking him directions how to get to his place.

When I walked to his building I really wasn’t sure what I was doing. But I continued my way to his unit and I when reached it, I gently knocked on his door. His smile was as wide as the door as he opened it. I slowly walked inside his room and as soon as he closed it, he grabbed and kissed me. Few minutes later, our clothes were on the floor as we lay on his bed exploring each other. I woke up nine hours later. It’s almost 2pm. I silently stood up from his bed and picked up my clothes on the floor. While I was dressing up, he woke up. He extended his arm, smiling. I wasn’t able to resist the invitation. We made love again, one for the road. That same night when I was about to sleep at around 8pm my phone rang. “I’m missing you already.” And I replied, “Oh Yeah?” And he asked, “Why won’t you come back here and spend the night with me?” An hour later, I found myself knocking again on his door. We spent the night talking and learning more about each other. We slept on each other’s embrace.

After that crazy meeting, a month later after frequent dates, he asked me for a commitment. But I was in love with Justin. All along it was still Justin. But I also feel something for him. So I was left with no choice but to tell him the truth. I told him the story of Justin. How we and where we were at that time. He patiently listened. But as I continued on with the story, I could feel his pain as he tried to understand every word I said. And when I was done, he said, “I will not ask you to choose between me and Justin. You can still have your Justin, as long as I still have you.” Those words shocked me. I felt a bit of guilt and it was a deal too good to be true. Or so I thought. That night, everything between me and Alvin became official.

The first few months of our relationship was fine. Though I continued to see Justin, it never was an issue between us not until one day when Justin and I went to spend a weekend in Baguio. I don’t understand what came up to him; he tried calling me every now and then while I was in Baguio. I dropped all his calls and did not answer his text messages. So when I got back to Manila, he was so mad he walked out on me while having dinner while we were talking what happened during that weekend. It was too late when I realized how inconsiderate I was to treat him the way I treated him taking him out of my life while I was in Baguio.

The following weekend, while we were both high on drugs (I’ll write more about this next time), he asked our friend Keith to come home and spend the night with us. While driving home I was aware of the possibilities that may happen, dragging along Keith with us. It was not spoken, but inside all of us, we know what is to come. So when we reached Alvin’s place, we lay on the floor as we savor the euphoria of ecstasy. We started kissing and rubbing each other’s body. But every now and then, bits and pieces of sensibilities would creep into my mind. Maybe the drug is starting to lose its effect. Until I saw Alvin savoring the manhood of Keith in his mouth, that’s when I lost it. Alvin saw my reaction; he went straight to me and started sucking me. But my mind kept telling me, “You can’t do this” until my mouth opened and said it to them, “I can’t do this!” I saw the reaction on their face. It was a mix of shock and disappointment. They tried to caress me, maybe hoping to turn me on, but I stood up and went straight to bed. Alvin followed me to talk me into it, but I said no. Then Keith decided to leave us and went home. The moment I heard the door closed, I stood up and took off all my clothes. I saw the surprised look on his face. I undressed and lay him on his back and fucked him like I never fucked him before. It has hard and deep while uttering the words, “This is what you want right?” “Yes, fuck me hard”, he said. It’s one fucking experience I will never forget in my life for it was to be the last between me and Alvin. After we were done, I stood up and took my clothes. I was silent. Until I heard him said “You felt jealous when you saw me sucking Keith right?” I remained quiet. “Now you know how I feel every time I know you’re with Justin”, he continued. I felt my head was about to explode when I heard those words. I wanted to curse him for throwing such shit on my face for I was not the one who asked for the relationship. But all I could say in response was, “I’m sorry”. I looked him in the eye and we know without even saying any words, it was the end of the line for us. I walked out of the door, with a lot of questions on my mind but never bothered to find the answers till this very minute.

I saw him again a month after our break up. He was with this guy he’s dating. To this day, we remain good friends. And as for me, I was back in my old self again, in a very complicated relationship with Justin but not until I met Jerico.


It was after a while when I realized that my relationship with Alvin is doomed from the moment it even started. As they say, you can never serve two masters at the same time. Alvin was stupid to allow himself to be in such a relationship knowing the other person is also in love with someone else. And I was damn too selfish at wanting to have everything in my hands. In the end, none of us gained anything but only scars and lessons to be learned.

to be continued.... Love Confession: Jerico

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Product Shoot

Here's the final output of the product shoot I did last month. Nothing fancy but good enough for my client's taste. Anyway, I'll be attending a workshop next week on studio lighting. Let's see. Hopefully it rekindles my passion for photography. There will be an actual shoot where students will critique each others works. I'll post here whatever I'll come out with. I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 2011

It’s been more than a month now since the last time I wrote here. So what happened since then?


I celebrated my 35th birthday last August 5. Yes, you read it right; I just turned 35 years old. LOL! While most people are very discreet with their age, for me, it’s really no biggie! I guess because I am quite satisfied where I am now at this point in my life. I have a good paying job and a lot of opportunities continue to my way. Just recently, I had a job interview with Aboitiz to work for their power plant located in Tiwi, Albay. I am half-hearted on this one since the location is really quite far; far from my friends and most of all from my family. But let’s see once I receive their job offer. Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, my friends threw a party for me in Antipolo. They prepared everything. Surf and turf menu; shrimps, steak, salad, sausages, yummy! It was really so sweet of them. I had so much fun.


My boyfriend and bestfriend have finally made up. It was hard dividing your time between people you both love. Life is easy once again.


I finally told my bestfriend my problems with his dad. How his dad managed (or the lack thereof) our project and how he used up our funds. It was emotional for him. I can breathe better now.


We’re cooking something really big and I mean really big. We are all keepings our finger crossed.


I’m back studying. I’m taking a diploma course in Ateneo Business School and my class started just last week.


I completed a small project for a friend who was commissioned to do a brochure for this home décor specialty store. My friend hired me to be the photographer. We’ll it’s been awhile since the last time took hold of my camera so I was quite eager to take on the job. However, while shooting, it bored me to death since it’s a product shoot. No models, nothing but baskets, pillows, chairs, etc. No brainer really! Anyway, the client liked my work. I earned enough to buy me a new lens! Cool huh?


Finally, I renewed my passport. I was suffering from a really bad hang over I could still smell alcohol in my breath when I went to DFA to renew my passport. The end product? The ugliest picture of myself ever taken in my life! And I have to bear with it for the next 5 years!! Argh!!

Anyway, it’s nice to be back here. Lots of back reading to do especially from some interesting bloggers I follow here. Ciao!